Balm of the Taurus Moon

The moon in Taurus is divinely designed for everyone to get grounded (and quite frankly calm the fuq down) after what was quite the twisted firestarter of a full moon in Aries. We have it with us all weekend to untangle whatever we wrangled as the bright lady peaked. The moon in Taurus is built on earthly delights, encouraging us out of our heads as she eases us gently back into our bodies. Eat, drink, love, laugh, cuddle: de rigeur on days like these. It is the perfect antidote to the power tussling, ranting and raving madness of the full moon (thanks a bunch, Pluto).

Here at the witch’s cottage, our newest family member Doug is just starting to inhabit his power – if not his paws or skin yet. He towers over Elvira who is supremely unimpressed by his size and secretly delighted at how much he loves her, even when he covers her entire head in sloppy kisses. Stella? Not so much. She equates size with power despite her small but mighty stature.

Our giant little puppy Dougie is oblivious to it all: his size, his strength, his power, his lack of invisibility when we are trying to watch a rainy Bathurst on the tv. He is a big ball of love that largely comes at you at speed. On a grey day tucked under the covers with my loves, a full belly and strong arms wrapped around me …. goodness how I love me a Taurus moon. Hope it too gets your feet on the ground, calms the fire in your belly and reconnects you to what is really important.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017