Aries Full Moon : Power Up

Full moon in Aries vibes, with rays coming at us from all over the galaxy. This is a powerful lunation and affirmation of Self, your holy I Am. It is a peak that continues to underline this year’s themes of personal revolution and absolute authenticity.

Highly plutonic, this remains All About Power and specifically your relationship to yours. Our world stage is regularly demonstrating its misuse: you can use yours more wisely and to greater effect in the theatre of your life.ย If not? Slow learners can anticipate a poke in the shadow or perhaps a hit to the ego – particularly if the combination is still conspiring to mask the real you and obscure what you think you are here to do. Tricks of a mind all too easily seduced by our society’s dubious power cards and unwilling to face its own dragons. Pluto is notorious for sniffing out that shit (and booting it) so tread carefully among your landmines under fiery skies.

The Libran sun smiles broadly on the Venus and Mars conjunction, their merger in Virgo delighting hisย #couplesgoalz, the devil or the divine found in the details. The post peak weekend ahead is likely to wobble this easy simpatico, a test worth passing as Mercury’s farsighted perspective may well gift you the final pieces of the puzzle.

For this daynight all eyes rise to the beautiful moon as she dons her horns and stamps her foot, ready to take on the world with her magic. This is no time to play small and rewards inspirational ingenuity, strong leadership and bold manoeuvres. Claim what is rightfully yours and shout it from the rooftops as the blazing gaze of the harvest moon lights up your world. Time now to reap what has been sown in the shadows of this year and rise anew.


Today you are you
That is truer than true
There is no-one alive
Who is youer than you
~ Dr Seuss

Tonight’s full moon meditation from 6pm atย Free Spirit Yoga Co.ย in the Hunter Valley is crafted to harness these mighty forces. Join me for a delicious eve of astrology and moon lore, meditation and self care, ritual and magic. Tix via the link below.โ€ฆ


Image via Pinterest by Rogue Creations
Words ยฉ Kerrie Basha, 2017