Pluto: Power and Control

You can love and light it all you want little mungbeans but Power and its deluded bedfellow Control are inescapable aspects of the human condition. In our chart we get an idea of what part of the playing field this puts us on by looking at old Uncle Pluto, captain of chaos and king of rooting out the rot.

Pluto – aka Hades, ruler of Scorpio, king of the underworld – is more than happy to tip your tower when its foundations are flimsy. He plays on our fears, our secrets and taboos, in order to cultivate our life out of the shadows. He challenges us constantly to know our personal power and its proper use and then sets about training and transforming us to fully inhabit it.

This process is not negotiable. Because Pluto. Ever made a deal with the devil? So you know of what I speak then.

When this small but mighty planetling charged into Capricornia way back in 2008 for his sixteen year sojourn, his mission was clear: to absolutely and fundamentally regenerate the human relationship to power. He aimed squarely at our structures, the bones on which society hung.

Cue the GFC and an irreversable collapse of economies. Throw in the exposure of dark old secrets in both church and state that disproved our faith. Witness blind trust in leadership eroded as wizards’ curtains everywhere continue to be pulled back. Politics becomes one more reality show where our vote doesn’t count.

The process begun almost a decade ago and we remain in the thick of the breakdown phase. Revolution and regeneration still feel a long way off. Each new layer of darkness we hope to be the last, the worst, the blackest before our new dawn.

Pluto retrogrades every year for about half of it, begging our revision of what we learned the one before. This week now shot forward he first pings Mars (gun control, you’re up again) and then Venus (LGBTIQ, keep pointing to the rot and disparity) and then locks horns with the full moon in Aries.

If you still think the personal isn’t political you are luxuriating in denial. I believe we call that privilege now.

Power comes down to relationships. Control boils down to fear. On the Libra Aries axis, we wobble from Me to We and back again seeking an unholy balance between two opposing forces. And this week the full moonlight falls on it all at once, as the sun in Libra opposes the lunar peak in Aries.

How will you exercise your power now that the ground is quaking? Where is it leaking, drained or given away? Thursday’s full moon is bound to show you, ready or not.

Remarkable installation via Brooklyn based artist Stephen Shaheen
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017