Pluto Direct

Pluto’s long retrograde in Capricorn ends today and it is the full stop that has us tremouring. As an outer planet, Pluto’s retrograde is longer and actually serves to underline his cosmic directive – in that scribbled with a pencil so hard you break the lead kind of way.

Pluto turned retrograde on April 20 in Capricorn. This signalled a deep revisioning of our power structures and our relationship to our personal power: how we wear it, wield it and too, how and where we give it away. This theme has been writ large in our big and small worlds this year, terrifyingly so on the world stage. Power struggles at any level endanger us.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio whose natives are built on transcending their demons. He is lord of shadow and our underworld. He knows all too well that our fear of our own power and all too easy abdication of the personal responsibility that is its rightful consort hamstrings our Plutonian progress. Pluto is never scared of the darkness within and knows even Pollyanna and Atticus had to wrangle their shadows to fully inhabit their light.

Throughout July in the lead up to eclipsia Pluto played large and long, forcing our hands. He showed us in devastatingly clear terms anyone or anything no longer on the same evolutionary page: those who sought to drain, deny or discombobulate our power. Here’s hoping you let the tower fall then. If you chose to shore it up with artificial panacea, excuses or toothpicks chances are good it is only just crumbling now.

The conclusion of his retrograde halts the time for consideration, revision and rumination. Now must we raise our power to the level our becoming demands. This requires one foot in the shadows and one in the light with both hands firmly on the wheel.

Pluto’s superpower is ruthless regeneration. The emblem of his retrograde is ever the phoenix, hankering for you to rise from the ashes and spread your fiery wings. Even if the rebuild starts from now, its foundation is your personal power. Honed in plutonic shadowlands, hard fought and worth every salty tear. You earned it. Use it.

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.
~ Margaret Thatcher

Image by Benjamin Von Wong
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017