Astrofuquery : Jupiter Uranus

Cue the eye rolling, as the cries of When Will It End! are drowned out by much snickering and simpering. On days / weeks like this, it gets you precisely nowhere. Time instead to channel your inner Babe Ruthless and align thyself to the mighty forces at play.

Pourquoi? First careening cab off the rank is the Uranus Jupiter opposition exacting, oh right about now. This is the third hefty dose of this marvellously galvanising force for change, although you could be forgiven for thinking it was here solely to expand the chaos in our world. Track back to late December and March for an eye widening clue as to the area of your life being brutally revisioned. Yes that. Today the final hit ensures the required change has been enacted: no more excuses, ready or not.

The divine end goal is your permanent liberation from the shit holding you back, dragging you down, stinking up your life. Seems simple enough, if it wasn’t for our cavalier re-adjusting of our drive and desires to suit Others. This year fosters a brilliantly ruthless, unapologetic approach to making your sweet self and the good work of your life top priority. Bar none.

In case you missed that memo, Pluto is stationing to complete his retrograde tomorrow, heralding regeneration post pandemonium. Not everyone likes the approach Captain Chaos takes to forcing our hand but it is nothing if not devastatingly effective. More on that tomorrow.

Today channel Ellen Page as rollergirl finding her feet in a brave new world that ultimately brings out her best. Roll right over any obstacles and be prepared to fight for your own side. You have been hard in training since at least last year. This is no time for fainthearted wishboning.

Get your skates on, Ruthless. Whip it good.

If you need to call time out on who you are supposed to be in order to find yourself buried under the covers, may I suggest a night in with Whip It. Babe Ruthless is today’s spirit animal 🙌

© Kerrie Basha, 2017