Cheerleader Tryouts

Everybody needs a cheerleader of their own.

Especially on the days when we find ourselves holding our own hand as we battle the monsters and motherfuqers about us. As I often bang on about to my beloved clients, we are spectacularly craptastic at being our own best friend.

Consistently, our own best friend.
First. Last. Always.

Not just high fiving ourselves when stuff goes our way or smiling back at the glam in the mirror before we stride out the door. That shit is easy.

I am talking about encouraging ourselves to keep going when we feel like throwing in the towel. Letting ourselves cry or howl when we need to and swooping in with a blankie and a gentle touch as the tears fall. Reminding ourselves of our vows and holding our rebel self to them. Taking better self care when the going gets tough rather than phoning it in with empty nourishment or cheap distraction. Speaking kindly to the one we know the best.

We spend so much time peering through the clouds to the summit. Questing is exhausting and constantly clambering even moreso. Stop and look around. Look down. How much are you cheering yourself on? For the distance you have already travelled and all that you have battled and learned along the way.

We are lucky to find our kin. Those chosen few who walk with us through most all of it. The ones we drop stuff for when they need us, for whom we don’t bat an eyelid when the call comes. We celebrate their wins and commiserate the less than stellar moments. We hold their hands, their hearts, them up if they stumble. We are there, in every sense.

It is precisely this kind of support and deep love we ourselves can do with in giant doses. From the one who knows us best and sees it all. Every day and every night.

It takes hefty silencing of our inner voice of doom and criticism. Shower her instead in the kind of compassion and tenderness and flat out cheering you reserve for your nearest and dearest. She who lives inside you is closer than any of them. Treat her as the queen she is, sovereign of your existence. Bow down.

You, yourself, as much as anyone else in the universe deserve your love and affection
~ Buddha

I should mention that cheerleading comes gratis with every reading, healing or service I offer. Low on pom poms and heavy on the special sauce.

© Kerrie Basha, 2017