Spring Equinox : Ostara

The sun moved into Libra at the crack of dawn Wollombi time, heralding the true arrival of Spring at the equinox.

The wheel creaks once more to Ostara, a celebration of potential and promise. In the north it is Mabon, the harvest festival that marks the completion of the high season growing cycle as preparations begin for the cauldron space of winter.

The equinox is ever a liminal space for change, the marker as we shift seasons and energies. At the Libran ingress we all have an opportunity to find our centre and create from a place of balance and beauty. As the sun moves into Libra, we equalise: between night and day, the depth of Winter and the peak of Summer. Balance is a rare occurrence, precisely twice in the year and a constant dance on the tightrope of our lives.

Here in the South it is time to turn our attention to creation. Having walked through our darknesses (thank you eclipses) we emerge ready for new growth. Not unscathed but as survivors, warriors. We soften under the gorgeous gaze of new life and so may now plant seeds from a place of evenness and desire, hard won wisdom and potent possibility.

One of my favourite Ostara rituals is to plant something, anything. Choose a plant that reflects your desires for your life and what you would like to see grow within it over the next six months. As our seeds grow and develop, so too will our sacred intentions.

Ritual is another doing word; you must be prepared to take action and make steps toward the realisation of your goal. Start from the ground up by preparing your soil and checking the conditions. Once planted, make sure your seed is watered, sheltered, nurtured. Give her the time and space she needs to grow. Talk to her and let her share her growing pains with you. Let her know that she is loved as you walk this path together to your goals.

Growing season has arrived. Well may you bloom.


Artist unknown, source Pinterest
© Kerrie Basha, 2017