Elvira and the Dark Moon

Elvira is all over the dark moon. You don’t see her outside in gale force wind chasing birds that don’t want to be caught or pushing shit uphill. She knows this day is built on rest and integration.

Eclipse season has been tough on her. It brought with it unexpected new developments, circumstances and characters. Unheralded and initially terribly unwelcome. Her well controlled catdom orbiting suddenly around a(nother) puppy that has fast grown into a small horse. It was an unanticipated tilt shift in her world. It continues to be every afternoon when that giant head gallops at her for sloppy kisses (his) and sharp claws (hers).

Despite herself she is embracing the change. Slowly at first and with her firmly swiped boundaries ever in place. It has been awkward, inconvenient, blindsiding and in those first horrible days genuinely shocking. It whacked her health. It ate her food. It stole her rightful claim on the lounge/all snuggling. She “fell” down the stairs in a fit of princess hysteria and had to be coddled by the fire on a pillow and hand fed salmon until everyone was reminded who was really in charge. Eclipse season makes crazies of us all.

Today in the inky dark of the moon that precedes the freshest of starts in virgin territory, Elvira has chosen to retreat and make good sense of the rollercoaster that has been the past couple of months. She knows precisely how important it is to bed down, in every sense. She is sifting through it all, carefully tucking away her lessons for revision later on and stacking her pyre for this eve’s dark moon ritual.

Piling up the old ways and people and obligations and anchors that have nothing to offer her grand becoming, jettisoning all that no longer has a part to play in her life. This is the best day of this year for it. She knows that any dark moon done well sets the scene for What Comes Next.

And so she rests. She makes space. She clears the clutter in her head, her heart, her home spaces. She naps and dreams, as tendrils of her future wander into her visions.

Unassailable cat magic. Dark moon done right. Instinctive and aligned to the mighty forces and cycles that swirl about her.

Much have we to learn.

Words and image © Kerrie Basha, 2017