Dark Moon Resources

In case you are wondering why this is the most powerful dark moon of the year and what in Lilith’s name to do with it, may I offer you a few of my favourite dark moon practices.

But first, the why. This week is a giant new beginning and tipping point. Post eclipsia, shade and shadow trailing behind, this dark moon is the full stop on that mad season. Begging to be wrapped up so we can gratefully turn our focus to the virgin territory we soon occupy, as the moon makes new in Virgo dragging Venus with her to join Mars and Mercury. Next Saturday the wheel turns too with the equinox, a rebalancing act at the Libran ingress.

The success of your new moon hinges on how well you do your dark. They do not operate in isolation. So here’s your checklist, lunatics.

I think you need a nap. No really. During the dark moon we slow down. Take that to its logical conclusion and rest more than you usually allow yourself. Double it for best results.

Chuck it, say fuck it, burn it, toss it over the back of your head. At all levels – head, heart, home – this is the grand let go. Drop it like it’s hot. It will continue to burn until you do.

 Clean Up Your Mess
If you need to make amends, peace or something right, do it today. Now. If your place is a mess, straighten it up as though your dream is about to walk through the door. Quite possibly tomorrow, it may.

the bejeezus out of everything. Twice and again and with intention. Fling open the windows and let the wind blow the stale out.

If you get still and slow down enough you will hear your future calling. Take notes that will make sense later on.

To make sense now, especially of anything that is tethering you to the past, to pain or to drama. Work out how to be done with it. Put it in writing.

This and more is held in the Dark Moon category  here on my blog, as it is my favourite time of the month. Here too you will find rituals to let go, best performed now until the moon is nearly new.

In case of dire roadblocks, magical emergencies or clarity missing in action I am available for tarot Wednesday & Thursday, in Wollombi or online wherever you are. Send me a raven / DM to book a spot to suit.

Words and image © Kerrie Basha, 2017