Missing: Self Care

As many a woman on the brink knows all too well, there are very real consequences if we perpetually postpone looking after ourselves in favour of holding the universe together. Our unholy ability to push through despite exhaustion, illness, pain, despondency, resentment or far worse than that is a dubious superpower indeed. One that comes at the cost of our sweet self, that trades in our grace andsoftness for a prickly efficiency and dangerously sharp edges.

When the oxygen masks drop from the ceiling in times of emergency, there is a very good reason you are commanded to put your own on first. It is too late to realise gasping that you cannot help anyone else or save a bloody thing as you cease to function. Self care is the oxygen mask of our times: how deeply are you breathing?

The term itself, over-used and under-utilised, has become a bandied euphemism for time we don’t make and a set of priorities that we rarely top. Instead of elevating our heads above water, self care is too easily relegated to our massive to-do lists as we conjure images of fantasy spas, pretzel poses or pillowy boltholes with locked doors and endless sleep. And it will continue to be this way until we realise that self care is an unapologetic act of survival. Just like all the basics of good health, it is a daily requirement for us to thrive.

Beyond that, effective self care is a cornerstone of high functioning intuition. It keeps us emotionally balanced, stable and sane. It lifts us up so we may in turn hold our place in the centre of the web without wobbling. Above all else it is a practice, repeated daily (without skipping or trade offs) for best results.

How to tip your self care scale back the right way? Start by carving out time for Beautiful You. Tomorrow morning at Free Spirit Yoga Co in Singleton my workshop << Intuition, Self Care & the Shadow >> is built just for you, my sweet.

Join me to remove the excuses and the blocks as we dive deep into the art and science of taking care of yourself at least as vigilantly as you look after everyone else. Expect to emerge lighter, refreshed, reinvigorated and committed to staying aligned.

Information and tickets here.

Image of a woman on the brink / lacking adequate self care by Allyson Gutchell. Her pop art prints are for sale via her Etsy store turddemon.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017