Venus in the Lion’s Lair

Our Lady Venus striding into Leo mid eclipse season was a handy boost to our north node’s field of dreams. Here she lives large, not playing small or trifling over her power to accommodate lesser egos. Her point of focus – that which we love and love to do – does not entertain her ghosts in the lair of the lion as she seeks to align with her grandest destiny.

Over the past month she has banked cosmic cheques over and over again as so many of our major planetary players had their time in the Leonic sun. This honed her focus and sorted the details (thank you Mercury and your highly intructive retrograde) and allowed her creative expansion as the attrition of eclipse season stripped her of the superfluous and the encumbered.

Just before the new moon in Virgo next week she moves into the grounded grace of the virgin’s mansion. From here she can really get busy building her empire from the ground up. But first, as the dark moon demands relinquishing and release, she has been drinking tea with Uncle Saturn to check that she has done the work. His favour granted as she commits truly and deeply to the great work of her life.

Our Lady of the various sorrows* will be spending Friday doing shots with Lilith in Sagg, pushing her to take no prisoners and tell no lies. There will be no allowances made or sticky sentimentality when the bottle gets low. This weekend is her time to use the lion’s formidable poise to conquer her jungle and clear the decks for Virgoan inspection.

Yours too, lovely one, yours too. A dark moon done well is ever its own reward.

Perfect image found at @laabejaherbs and a borrowed bit of brilliance from Mr Nick Cave where the * lies. Sometimes I cannot say it better than St Nick.

Words almost all © Kerrie Basha, 2017