Astro : North Node in the Spotlight

If you thought the August eclipse season smashed through your life just to up-end what you know, change the game, creating chaos and carnage simultaneously, then in the midst of the fray you may have missed the shimmering. That gorgeous glow around the edges was one of the grander purposes of the recent mad season as our future called loudly and proudly from the wings.

The eclipse dance takes place across the nodal axis, a place in astrology as imaginary as our future and just as powerful. The North Node moved into Leo and the South Node into Aquarius back on May 6 and they remain here until November 6. Nodal astrology speaks to the continuing journey of our souls with specific reference to our path this life: what we came here to be, learn, live, do.

The Leo / Aquarius axis combines two fixed signs who maintain bold vision. Aquarius is focused on group energy, the greater good, and humanity as a whole. This was lit up by the full moon eclipse just over a month ago. Leo is about heart centred leadership and manifest destiny. Here we had our showstopping total eclipse of the heart, as our divine feminine Lady Luna obscured the blazing sun and cast the earth into shadow.

This week this axis is again lit up, with Jupiter our mighty benefic adding his significant weight and cosmic largesse to our unfurling. Anticipate portents of your becoming and peer as far into the distance as you can. Note well what has been excised from your existence and what has begun to fill your new voids. Acknowledge changes in attitude, inspiration, interests, work patterns and bed them down as your burgeoning foundation.

We are in Virgin territory in every sense. This is now our new normal. It is from here that our empires will rise in tandem with the expansion of our true purpose and its projection out into the world. A world aching for changemakers and visionaries, innovators who genuinely care for the planet and all who populate her. Your contribution is as vital as every other and this week the multiverse steps in tandem with your muses to aid its forming. Listen well to their siren song.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.
~ Arundhati Roy

© Kerrie Basha, 2017