Post Eclipse: The Long Player


Good day to you changelings and how are we finding the ripples in the matrix today?

Now that we are a week past the eclipse (or six months if you recall the delicious pace of life pre interwebs) it is all too easy to forget how the world was collectively gasping as they stared through cereal boxes into space, vowing in that awe inspiring moment to change {xyz} as they gleaned meaning deeper than themselves in this life.

Until the light returned and normal programming resumed unabated, the chorus of snoring continuing.

Eclipse season is never about skating through with a teeny aha here and a pesky oh no there. We are not offered an eclipse-lite experience. As I consistently bang on about, this long long player requires steady pacing. We are not done yet: not nearly, not know how.

We are just approaching the first quarter moon of the lunar cycle that was kicked off by that behemoth solar eclipse. Three weeks left to go there. On Sunday both Mars, our twisted firestarter, and Mercury in retrograde bump on the exact degree of the eclipse at 28° Leo. Days later Mercury stations and shoots out of retrograde here.

Consider the size of space. Consider how tiny this degree is in the scheme of it all. And yet here we all pivot – planets and people, moon and sun alike – at the tail end of the lion. And this is without so much as a cursory nod to last year’s eclipse or the similar version decades ago.

If you have not already got the cosmic memo, it is time to upgrade the glasses from 3D to 5D in every sense. Ditch cheap cardboard cut outs for a vision that really fits, with lenses you can see through without squinting or cricking your neck. If everything still feels spectacularly craptastic, take solace in the fact that we are a long way from the end of this spaced out adventure. This is not how the story ends.

These next few weeks are the reveal. They set the scene for what is to come and how you, buffeted and buffed by eclipsia, shall proceed. Clues and tests and hints and heads up litter our existence right now like fireworks, brief and quickly missed if you hesitate or get caught napping. So don’t.

If you keep hitting the snooze button, you only slumber.


Image via GIPHY | Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017