Retreat at Mystwood in Wollombi

This magical little place nestled under the Milky Way in Wollombi Valley is the glorious location for my first Retreat this weekend. And yes, I am out. of. my. mind. excited. More than Christmas as a kid. More than when I stood next to Nick Cave in a lift once in 1993. More than SJP when the eclipse started, just with less screaming.

One more sleep until we sink deeply into a few days of connection and alignment with these powerful natural forces, lots of delicious eats and treats (massage or spa? healing or tarot?) as together we call ourselves home. Immersed in nature and swaddled in comfort is the most wonderful way to gently, bravely, truly go deep.

There is a world aching for you to know yourself. To stand fully in your power. A damaged world that needs you to add your heart to the cause, your voice to the chorus and your hands to the work. It starts with every single one of us.

For those who could not make the full weekend, I have opened up the Saturday morning session
<<< Intuition, Self Care and the Shadow >>> from 9.30 to 12.30 at Mystwood Retreats so that you too can step into the circle.

And ladies on the way to me, I cannot wait to welcome you with open arms and a big smile to this gorgeous valley I love so much. Tis true. It’s magic.