Intuition, Self Care and the Shadow

I think of these three almost as characters in our unfolding story. They lumber along with us, waving their distinct gifts in our faces trying just to catch our attention. They stick with us as we shove them aside or question their benefits. They never give up on us, even when we flat out ignore their pleas to be heard. Seen. Loved.

I don’t have time, we tell ourselves as we move mountains and reinvent the wheel to attend to others. It doesn’t make sense, we mumble as our gut churns and burns in an effort to get us to listen and act. You scare me and make me look crazy, we silently scream at our shadow as we shove her further down.

It is time to tip the scales back the right way, in every sense. Eclipse season was exhausting, unleashing all the beasts at once, and now it is time to carve a new path forward. Starting just where you find yourself and beginning tenderly and gently with you, good woman.

So what do intuition, self care and the shadow have in common? They are all vital aspects of a woman’s personal power and her birthright. They are cornerstones and crucial building blocks to our health and wealth of experience. They matter more than a lot else. And yet they are all too often maligned or shoved aside in favour of [insert imperative here]. We make promises to ourselves to get to them eventually. One day when we have “spare time”.

That day is here. This three hour workshop has been crafted to re-connect you to these crucial aspects of yourself in a meaningful way and to help you establish regular practices that keep you connected and aligned. Consider it a post eclipse call to arms, my ladies. Join me in Singleton at Free Spirit Yoga Co on Sunday 17th September from 9.30am – 12.30pm and change your life.

Full details and tickets to Intuition, Self Care and the Shadow in Singleton are here.