Astro : Sun into Virgo

That finish line you just fell over? That was the end of the roaring and posturing of Leo season, peppered as it was with eclipses and retrogrades and breakthrough and disaster. Box ticked and thank fuq for that. Could we have taken anymore? Probably not.

Time now to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get grounded and pragmatic as the sun sensibly scoots into virgin territory and the world collectively exhales.

By nature, Virgos are that common sense sage whose boundaries are clear and plans are well thought out. Order is everything and chaos is their cryptonite. Not for them the blurred lines and shifting sands. It either is or it isn’t. Their virginity speaks to this firm boundary. They are worthy gatekeepers who do not bow to the imperatives or desires of any but their scrupulous self.

Virgoan focus is spectacular, these canny detail oriented maidens whose fresh eyes see far into the distance. It is that singular force of will marrying with Virgo’s ruler Mercury retrograding through his home state that will help us all to make sense of eclipsia. Truly.

Time now to nurture thyself and all we have learned by placing feet on terra firma and crafting a new plan. The trick to understanding that flaming mad season fading in the rear view mirror is to limit our criticism and judgement and firmly check our skepticism and cynicism.

Channel instead the staggering work ethic, unwavering commitment and stellar intuition that is the signature skillset of our Virgo.
The key to your vaulting evolution is now firmly back in your hands.

Illustration by Kelly Smith
© Kerrie Basha, 2017