Eclipse Fatigue

This post is dedicated to anyone with eclipse fatigue. To the many who have been barely hanging by a fingernail as the eclipse rollercoaster looped their loop on loop. To those confused by the standard new moon new beginning exhortations that fly in the face of how post-eclipsia really FEELS. To anyone whose boredom, pain or tolerance threshold has been maxed out or obliterated by August, circled in blood on the calendar.

Oh my loves, this bird is for you, speaking when we have so few words left to adequately articulate the madness inherent in eclipse season.

Whether as oracle or friend, mama or moon lover, the question I have been posed most often this month has been: when will it end? Given the clenched teeth, the mighty forces at play and their stated mission to shake things up, a fair question whose answer is still unravelling.

I think of eclipses like snow globes. At first it is hard, nay impossible, to see the beauty or the features of the world inside, obscured as they are by the fast motion agitation at the fist of the gods. It makes for discombobulated panic and flat out feeds our fear. As the white flags pop up, there is the briefest moment of stilling, a curious calm as the globe is held up for observation. We grab our glasses. We peer and squint. We are mesmerised by the motion of the snow, previously a raging blizzard blinding us to the contents, now dancing and drifting to its new position. Softly. Slowly. We notice the beauty of the contents as they tug at our heart. Suddenly again, everything falling into its right place.

You too, little love. Take your sweet time to settle. Don’t rush the magic. Give the medicine time to work properly and don’t skip blithely beyond the last few weeks. We cannot consider ourselves schooled if we do not integrate our lessons.

So begins the rippling.

Remember you set your own rules. Part of why I worked so hard for so many years was this sense of keeping up and this sense of having to do all the things right now. But what I have learned is those are just rules I was making for myself – no one else was telling me I had to work that hard or do so many things at once.
~ Lisa Congdon, artist via @extraordinary_routines

All in good time, my pretty, all in good time
~ Witch of the West, Wizard of Oz

© Kerrie Basha, 2017