Dark moon in Leo feels, as channelled by my familiar, Elvira.

As Mistress of the Dark she knows all too well that the distance travelled once slungshot out of a new moon is directly proportional to the level at which you let go and made space during the dark. This is non negotiable magic cat moon truth. Test it.

In Leo and under roaring skies, we are mainlining our heartspace. Dig deepest here for the thorns still tucked in weeping crevices and hidden nonchalantly in tiny bleeding corners. Carve out your unforgiveness and your secret shame. Cast them into the abyss. Suture yourself tenderly back together, crafting little pockets that will ache with their desire to be filled. Know that whatever sun you turn your face to post eclipsia will plump them up.

But until then, floating with the dark tide, do all you can to banish your ghosts and love your shadows. A dark moon done right is its own reward.

If you are looking for inspiration, information or instruction, search ‘dark moon’ on the blog search button for a cauldron full of dark moon wisdom, ritual and rites.

If the eclipse still feels like an army relentlessly invading your fuqing peace man, my Eclipse E-Book is instantly downloadable for 10 clams from the Bohomofo shop. Pages and pages jam packed with all the info – astronomical and astrological, folklore and mysticism – from go to woah of this year’s eclipse season. The full catastrophe, if you like, in glorious technicolour and yes, there are pictures so you can pace yourself.

And if by tomorrow, when I re-emerge from the wilds in every sense, everything still feels bleak or confusing or utterly batshit insane, hit me up for a reading. Together we will put it all in its right place.

My final countdown post will be up tomorrow. Until then, fellow lunatics, remember that we are all in this together xx😘xx

© Kerrie Basha, 2017