The Zooming Eclipse: Part Two

There are only two ways the Great American Total Solar Eclipse is coming at you (and both of them are capitalised).

The second* finds you ready, willing and able.

As ready as you will ever be, as you do your level best to pace yourself and ride the rising tide.

Willing because despite the scrambling and upheaval, you are zooming towards Monday’s behemoth with the bit back between your teeth and an idea of which direction the slingshot is aiming.

Able to manage the contradictions inherent in eclipse season: surrendering as you continue to steer, asserting yourself even if your hands must remain behind your back (for now) and continuing to stand your ground even as your legs quake.

Everyone is taking their places for the big show in Leo, drama’s home state. Many are weeping and wailing as they do, many more complaining bitterly about their seats. That handful at the bar have no solid plans to leave.

And here you are, staring wild eyed into the heart of the lion and folding yourself to the arena you now find yourself in. Wrangling the spotlight and the madding crowd and your hammering heart.

Good goddess, it is enchanting to watch. I hope you can hear me cheering alongside you.\


* the first way is today’s other post

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017