The Zooming Eclipse: Part One

There are only two ways the Great American Total Solar Eclipse is coming at you (and both of them are capitalised).

The first* finds Monday’s behemoth raging towards you at speed. As you wind the window down to check you are not hallucinating (because seriously universe, you’re hurling yet more lightning and earthquakes and shit my way) you can see that you can no longer outrun its hearty imperatives.

It is true that at this stage what is going on looks very little like what you wanted. And you can feel yourself rising on to your toes while the energy keeps building, your eyes widening as you plant yourself firmly between fight and flight so you can bolt either way.

Today’s Cancer moon is aiding and abetting outright sookery and passive aggression. She too helps you to mainline your intuition and protect your magic. Early tomorrow morn Wollombi time she strides into Leo and it is Game On. This weekend is the preceding balsamic dip that is here to help you let go of anything knocking your crown askew or off its rightful perch.

If it gets moved away, let it leave.
If it reeks of the past, let it stay there.
If it hurts, it has no place here anymore.

Be brave. You have the heart of a lioness and the soul of a wise warrior. Use them both.


* the other way is today’s other post 

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017