Mercury Retrograde Side Effect

An interesting side effect of eclipse season that I have noticed as we tread the path between lunar and solar is the urge to purge. Suddenly there is no space in our heads or hearts (or on our desks and bedroom floors) for anything that harks back to a past life or a previous iteration of who we are now becoming.

And for many of us this imperative has trickled (or gushed) all the way down to the physical level. Tummy bug? Joint pain? Head cold? Extreme fatigue? Headaches? Flu? Oh my giddy aunt, it feels like since we tipped into the waning phase, the cosmic signal to our physical bodies to stop, drop and roll has been received loud and clear. I know many who have had no choice but to raise the white flag and put themselves to bed. Now that I am finally home and my body knows this is the safest place to drop, I too have joined the ranks.

One of the chief coping strategies for Eclipsia that I noted in my E-book ( and yes she is still snap uppable from ) is militant self care. And not in that luscious, life affirming, taking time / space for you kind of way (that is hopefully becoming unapologetically integrated into daily life as a defiant act of survival).

Oh no no, eclipse season requires the big guns. The sort of supercharged self care that works with the mighty forces at play. The kind that accepts that significant change demands space to be made and given its own sweet time to integrate. As I am so fond of noting to anyone with a sniffle, the company that exhorts you to soldier on is peddling amphetamines.

Everything is being re-engineered right now. Dragged into the spotlight, poked and prodded. We are proving to ourselves, sometimes on a minute to minute basis, what we no longer need or can in fact survive – and thrive – without. This exhausting lesson also demands our bowing to its extreme requirements.

If you are feeling slightly less than fabulous, give yourself the rest and baths and herbs and care your body is screaming for and watch as the world continues to twist and turn unfettered.

Sometimes the most revolutionary thing we can do is fall head on pillow into bed.

A good rest is half the work
~ Slovenian Proverb

Art: “Purging My Soul” is by Noah Elias via his website Noah Fine Art.
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2017