Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

This is a full moon that is fatiguing us all and we are still hours away from eclipse o’clock. Despite the highly individualised otherness of these natives, this is the domain of group energy. Aquarius understands the power and possibility held in the diversity of many and this full moon may well shine her blazing gaze on how we connect with others and too how we isolate ourselves from alternative ways, people or points of view.

Any full moon in Aquarius can proffer tangents and alternatives that may yet leapfrog us in the direction of our most cherished dreams. Ruled by changemaker Uranus whose retrograde role from Aries cannot be understated as he stirs up the chaos inherent in eclipse season, this lunation may well find us willing to dump the status quo in favour of authenticity. Seek the lightning, watch what it illuminates and the change in energy it blasts through your life.

In medical astrology, Aquarius and Uranus both govern the movement of fluid in the body. In particular the circulatory and endocrine systems come under this influence as well as the key centre of both our physical and psychic being: the cerebrospinal fluid. Our energetic core is being stirred and shaken by this full moon eclipse so anticipate frayed nerves and patience in short supply. We can feel brittle and too easily rattled.

By way of antidote, cultivate the icy calm that makes these natives dangerously elusive and for the love of your freak flag, nourish your nerves. Make it an absolute priority to up your Zen maintenance. Eclipse season requires stamina and a solid self-care regime if you are to thrive. Take time out more often than you think you need to: deep breaths are their own reward especially when mayhem and muggles don’t mix.

And above all else, remember eclipsia is a season: not just a night or one lunar manoeuvre. This is a long player, life changing and not to be underestimated. We’re only just getting started. Glittering eyes peeled, my lunar lovelies.

© Kerrie Basha

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