The Eclipse Test Pattern

In the olden days, when televisions were analog and there was only real news, if you stayed up late enough you saw this. Test patterns were created to ensure that everything was working properly in TV land: that nothing had been knocked out of whack, that everything was calibrating just as it had been designed and was functioning at an optimum level. Test patterns operated according to accepted limits of perception. Any required adjustment was made within those parameters.

As I drove a delightfully endless highway today, it occurred to me that eclipses are kind of the same thing. They too are designed to test us. If we have veered too far from where we could be (or perhaps should be when functioning at our optimum) they correct us. If we are so out of whack that nobody can make us out, they get to fixing us in an effort to return us to a baseline that is recognised and understood. And if everything is in perfect symmetry, not too much needs to change – and it doesn’t.

Thus can eclipse season feel brutal or unheralded. It is simply because of the limits of our perception. We cannot peer far enough into the future to nab the perspective that comes with time. We do not comprehend the myriad other threads weaved into our experience nor the shape they may come to form down the track. And we cannot fathom the distance between where we are now and where we could really get to, if we pass the testing.

With any Aquarian full moon we are invited to widen our perception, to cultivate possibility and to welcome tangents out of left field. Just add eclipse and times that by a factor of ten, maybe forty two and a half. Eclipses are long players that ripple in both directions. They ping our past and tickle our future.

As this week unfolds, cultivate a widened perspective. Wonder what the day’s disaster / triumph may look and feel like in six or twelve months time. More. Dwell in possibility and marvel at how a wider frame changes the game. Do not let rigidity move you beyond adjustment.

Trust a cosmic wisdom you cannot yet nod to, knowing someday you will. Surrender to the peculiar magic on offer.

© Kerrie Basha 2017

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