When The Lioness Merely Mews

Despite the mane tossing imperative, it is easy under Leonine skies to feel significantly less than fabulous. Instead of roaring we may just mew, too easily prone to vile bouts of comparison and belly rumbling doubts. We are playing with ego and heart, all at once. During this month ruled by the sun, it is our solar plexus chakra that is all lit up as we approach the lion’s gate. This is the home of our relationship to our Self, how and what we truly think and feel when it comes to just us. The real you is spotlit, in all her messy glory and flawed humanity.

It is no surprise that this is the area of our bodies we cross defensively with our arms or hunch over to hide away. It is the seat of both our personal power and our intuition, which of course means that a giant chunk of our shadow is tucked away here too.

Oh the dark side, I am right there with you, Darth. Thanks to regular Plutonic colonics since last November, our shadow has been consistently poked, prodded and revisited. And no, we ain’t nearly done yet. How to marry what we have discovered in the dark – and hopefully learned how to love and respect about ourselves – with the current cosmic spotlight? Work with your solar plexus.

Turn your face to your sun, baby. Breathe deep into her, every day or more. Surround yourself with yellow, sunny up your home, your wardrobe and fill as many vases as you have with golden blooms. Wear low slung citrine and belt yourself together with amber. Twist and shout, moving stale energy congealed here too long up and out.

Most important of all, reach in to your dark side. Find out why and how she is built, by you and for you, and take her in your arms instead of crossing her. My upcoming retreat in the last weekend of August in Wollombi has an unashamed focus on the shadow in an effort to demystify and delight.

Shadow work is often framed as dark or scary to face – which is unsurprising given that it is the part of ourselves that is largely judged, demonised or flat out avoided – but I have put together a revolutionary program designed to bring you closer to your shadow, to fall in love with her beauty and her power. The planets are aligning and the time is right. Join me at the close of eclipse season to go deep.

Retreat details are below and I offer payment plans, student rates and all due consideration if this work is calling loudly to you now. Let’s talk and make it happen.

© Kerrie Basha, 2017