Season of the Lioness

Season of the Lioness is here, the curtain raiser to the eclipse rollercoaster and wild ride that has had August circled in blood / glitter since all our new year forecasts landed last January.

Time now to dry the tears wrought and wrangled during our time in the Cancer mansion and begin to strut fiercely into the hallowed sovereignty that is the hallmark of Leo.

The new moon Sunday eve Wollombi time joins a stellar cast already on Leo’s main stage. Portent of our destiny and the future we mapped for ourselves the moment we were born, the North Node here has been aching for us to get our heart and head aligned with the program. Mercury will begin to tickle his shadowzone here shortly but first he encourages us to inhabit our roar, distinct as it is from the din of the jungle. Mars is aflame here again, grateful to be drying off after too long mired in Sookville and ready to add his significant firepower to our cause. Even Uranus squaring off with this new moon from Aries fuels the fire divinely designed to burn off the dross and make the kind of real change that sticks.

This shiny bright new moon is too the start of eclipse season: both the Aquarian full moon and another Leo new moon (the highly magic black moon) in August are eclipsed. The decks have been well and truly cleared (thank you Uncle Pluto) and now is the time that fate has set down for you to play your hand. Play long, still, we have a month through which to pace our prowling. Under mighty Leonic skies the cards must be unequivocally yours, driven only by the ferocious engine that is your hummingbird heart. The jungle is no place for haters, imitators or faux anything, darling. Do You and You only.

This day every year always brings with it a sizzling blast of optimism, a sceptre brimming with chutzpah and daring. Above all else, it fires a very real willingness to stare deep into both your power and potential.

This year has been built on evolution baby. Welcome to the jungle. Time to claim your crown.

Image via Gaultier darling
© Kerrie Basha, 2017