Astro : New Moon in Leo

The new moon in Leo nearly here as the darkest ebb reaches deep inside us, whispering to us to let go. To strip ourselves of any shiny accoutrement, acquired habit or repeating behaviour that is not of you, by you or for you.

The new moon in Leo at the powerful zero point is on Sunday in:
L.A. at 2.46am
London at 10.46am
Sydney at 7.46pm
Auckland at 9.46pm

Behind the door to the new moon is a standing invitation to reach deep into your creative heart and make sure you are listening well to the siren call of your muses. Leo is governed by the sun, centre of our cosmos, and rules the heart, the generative centrepoint too of our existence in this life.

With eclipse season also calling from the airport to let us know that it has landed, we are in the pull back phase of the slingshot, quivering as we wait to be propelled forward at a speed that makes our ears pin back, beaming our light into the stratosphere.

You can hear the call and feel the quickening in your marrow, as the multiverse demands that you be seen and heard: for who you truly are and what you came here to be, do, create. A tall order asked of us all that requires an unprecedented degree of unadulterated authenticity.

Forego comparison for a toss of your mane. Shun autocracy for those who will ever hold your heart in their hands. Reject ignoble gestures for regal statements that best reflect your true intention. Tis time to strip it all back, then knock confidently on your own door and come home to the life of your dreams.

New Moon Inspiration Board 

Muse: Leo lioness Lynda Carter
Spirit animal: Aslan
Crystal: sunstone & ruby
Music: Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles

Bright blessings of the new moon my beauties xox

See you on the flipside with spectacularly exciting news!

Image @themagdalenaexperience
© Kerrie Basha, 2017