In a world that demands our constant achievement and expects us to be always on, in every sense, the sweet art of doing nothing is a revolutionary pursuit. We work more hours, thanks to our devices. We have less down time. The delineation that used to be there between work and the rest of our lives is a fluid continuum that some days doesn’t seem to even exist anymore. We lose our me time. Our recovery. Our rest.

The masters know how crucial this uncluttered time is for our wellbeing and evolution alike. In drama, it is called ‘action and recovery’. This idea demands high levels of work followed by extreme levels of being idle, just sitting and doing nothing. It is a zen habit of the highest order and considered one of the most difficult to master. In yoga, shavasana is the delicious conclusion to the movement of energy around our body – and the time when inspiration and solution alike fall effortlessly in.

With a week delightfully free from tough skycandy before Mars kicks in again this weekend and a moon waning gracefully through Aquaria and into Pisces, now is the time to slip quietly away into yourself. Self care is a defiant act of survival that holds your even keel as a higher god than busyness. Make your rest a practice, a discipline worth all the rewards it will gift you. Cultivate your clarity, precious calm, deep peace so that it may endure beyond your precious downtime. You have to make time to do nothing.

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone”
~ Blaise Pascal via @sebastian.edward

“I am never alone
my solitude
has her own moon”
~ Pavana via @mazadohta

© Kerrie Basha, 201