Here Comes The Shift

Even if you are not a card carrying lune, it is hard to miss the mighty forces at play in our world right now. We are in the midst of a rather epic stretch of sky candy that is only interested in complete and utter revolution. How far are you from where you started this year? How different does it look from what you thought it would be? How fast did we get here? Marvellously head spinning stuff.

Total metamorphosis demands nothing less than a shift in the status quo. Enter Pluto, here to help and yes, it’s compulsory. Look about you: most everyone is wrangling the rollercoaster, shadow boxing their demons. The only way of slipping through unimpinged is if you know your shadow intimately or are currently obliviously falling head over heels. Perhaps you are lucky enough to live under a rock? God forbid you are a part of the bombastic minority behaving like Trump. Few of us would willingly raise a hand but if you’re bleating all over “Twitter”, ignoring the bleeding obvious or playing at starting a nuclear war in your world (thank you Mars) I fear for your next few days. For the love of Chris Cornell, leave it out. We *all* have a bit going on.

Last month’s full moon in firestarter Sagg revealed the unholy truth. Perhaps a little more awful reality than we were quite ready to accept but an incredibly valuable heads up… as the truth always tends to be. What we each chose to do with her moonlit reveal over the last month has a great deal to do with where we find ourselves now. As a head’s up, next month’s full moon is an eclipse. In Aquaria, oh yes it is. By then, seeing us and raising us, we will be slingshotting one way or another.

But first a full moon on the rise that will determine our trajectory and so many of us exhausted, craving an impossible let off as we wrestle with our very life. Days like this are built on deep sighs and a kind of hectic beautiful chaos that changes us irrevocably. These are the points we will look back at and think, that was when everything shifted. We will see how the tiniest decisions rippled forward from here. There is a lot at stake but much yet to play for. This is your life. Do your future self proud.

Art by Banksy
© Kerrie Basha, 2017