The Martians Are Here

Oh what a martian week it has been, our planetary agitator stirring the pot constantly from the watery depths of Cancer. If your week has devolved as Mars threw his weight around, you are not alone. Although he is not blasting us from his strongest position, wading through the kind of ultra emo Cancerian muck that fuqs with his fire and grossly alters his expected results, his stock in trade remains the same. Mars is our firecracker, ruler of Aries and king of chutzpah and vigour. He literally puts a rocket beneath us, hankering for our revolution and not afraid of having to fight his way through.

This week he has been shoulder to shoulder with Mercury, adding gravitas to our mental realms. Wonderful for cut through communication but incendiary for those unwilling to budge or bow to the evolutionary zeitgeist. And the imperative is simple and clear as it has been this whole year: if you’re not on board, you are the problem.

Today is peak agitation, as Uncle Pluto steps in to oppose Mercury and by the end of the weekend Mars as well. Prep to be dragged to the shadowlands if you have not already noticed the path you are treading – or worse, muster yourself to be on the receiving end from those who would rather stick a fork in your eye than face their unholy truth. Oh muggles, they may be doing the best they can but under trying conditions, this may well be a fairly shitty facsimile of themselves.

The thing about oppositions is that they require us to consider both sides of the equation. In astrological terms, both planets and their effective position. In life, we call this empathy as we strive to understand the other and their experience of the situation separate from ours. If there is one thing we can access in spades under Cancerian skies, it is this compassion. For those bowing under the weight of relentless agitation but still refusing to budge, drowning in emotions and projections is all the immediate future holds. A vile prognosis best avoided, no good can come of it.

The secret to this weekend is to cultivate a healthy distance: between you and them, between you and your reaction, between what was and what could be. Peer inwards before you *insert verb* outwards. If in doubt, don’t. We are building sans any real let off to the full moon in Capricorn on the 9th. Consider thyself forewarned and thus forearmed.

Art: The Agitator by Desmond Morris, 1973
© Kerrie Basha, 2017