The Magic of Wollombi

Anyone who is connected to this place will tell you it is magic. Wollombi lies beneath this shimmering sea of cloud and is nestled in the junction of three national parks, whose waters all flow down into our brook. It lies in the shadow of Mt Yengo, sacred to our indigenous population as the place their creator figure Biaime stepped from the heavens to earth. Here. It was a meeting place and a birthing place for many centuries before now and it has certainly been both for me.

I live in the shadow of Corrabare, whose peak is the centre of this photo snapped after this morning’s frosty sun up, rising from a forest floor that spans near another 5000 hectares. We are in among the largest unbroken expanse of forest, stretching to the Blue Mountains or beyond. And last night the rumble we all heard was a meteor entering the atmosphere just above us all and splintering like fireworks across our starry skies.

Magic, I tell you. Magic.

© Kerrie Basha, 2017