New Moon in Cancer : Umbilicus

Hot on the heels of the solstice mid week, the tipping point that marked the sun’s entry into Cancer, is the new moon in the sign of the mother. We are gifted with a supercharged opportunity to start afresh and to build on the work of the last super new moon in Taurus.

NEW MOON 23rd / 24th of June in CANCER

LA la Land: Friday 7:31 p.m.
New Yoik: Friday 10.31 p.m.
London Calling: Saturday 3:31 a.m.
Sydney Town: Saturday 12:31 p.m.

Cancer is the natural home of the Bright Lady and it is the only astrological house that is ruled by a moon rather than a planet. Our moon, she who controls our tides in every sense. Cancer is the portion of the sky where Lady Luna is most comfortable and Cancer moon natives reflect many of the qualities attributed to the moon; extremely sensitive to others’ feelings, naturally empathic or psychic, highly intuitive. The Cancer moon itself is associated with the feminine archetype of the mother, one of the aspects of the triple Goddess and is her watery emotional realm. This shines the lunar spotlight on family and domestic connections and also on the mothering roles that we play within our own lives. Under the Cancer moon our need to nurture and nourish is emphasised, so too our fundamental requirement to be held and cared for.

The sun and moon in Cancer join Mercury and Mars already here, adding gravitas and heat. Neither is particularly at home here, Mars especially, who is also struggling under the surrealist beams of Neptune retrograde looking sweetly towards him. This can add a sidestep to Mars’ regular charge and another layer of intrigue or suspicion. Our communications may sidestep our trust issues but that is what is clamouring for our attention and acknowledgement. Use this moon cycle to show you how and where your trust lies.

Boundaries also become important during the Cancer new moon and your attention may be turned to this arena of your life. How do you set emotional boundaries and what action do you take to enforce them with your loved ones or with those who do not feature on the high side of your personal ledger? Our desire to show we care can be a double edged sword, particularly if our “mother knows best” attitude takes over from our underlying need to nurture. On the flipside of this, we may resist the attempts of those who hold us dear to impose their great love on to us in a form we may find stifling, controlling or manipulative. The realm of Cancer has a shadow that can be a sooky goo goo hayride, rife with passive aggression and guilt trips. Beware the needy, over the top emotional demands and choose instead to communicate directly and honestly from your heart space. Be sure to honour yourself and those whose love you hold dear.

Most of all, take some time out this weekend to honour the Great Mother that sustains us all. Do something to show Mother Earth you love and appreciate her – whether that’s picking up garbage from her shores and forests, planting flowers and herbs, bushwalking or time spent gazing out over the water with your bare feet in sand or soil. Give thanks for all she provides, no matter how poorly we treat her and how little we pay attention to her cries for help and need to be nurtured herself.

The new moon in Cancer is our umbilicus, with the power to connect us to our sweetest dreams for our lives, built on belief, trust, faith and love. We must nurture and nourish them and ensure they have everything they need to grow into the vision we hold in our mind’s eye. Well mothered, deeply held, protected and loved throughout the process of their raising.

I will be spending this new moon with my Mama, whose 70th birthday falls on this date by divine design. Happy birthday Mum! xx