Liar, Liar

Mercury is the communicator in our chart and the way he is flavoured determines how he (or more precisely we) are expressed. Those that are highly Mercurial, who mainline the gift of the gab or simply read a lot are oft more comfortable expressing themselves and making their point of view understood.

Do not for a second presume this equates with a purity of expression. Oh no no no. Quite often asweet turn of phrase makes it very easy to steer the truth any way we want. And what exactly is the whole truth anyway? Enter Saturn again *snore* to remove our fluid lines and sliding scales of perspicacity.

If it feels like every time any cosmic party gets started there is a stern knock at the door this year, you are correct. Saturn’s tolerance for bullshit is spectacularly low but his sufferance of liars is further beneath, somewhere near the boot he generally directs at our pert derrieres.

Merc & Old Man Sat currently in play equates to the unholy revelation of lies: those we tell others, those that cover our soon to be booted arses (I’m Australian and it has an ‘r’) and worst of all, those we tell ourselves. If you think you don’t lie, you are fibbing largely to yourself. It is the crucial pivot on which our ‘civilised’ society revolves and even moreso our intimate relations. No? Does your bum look big in this?

Cue Saturn, smashing our quick witted trickster. Trumpets herald the truth and crows pick at the carrion. We are being forced – by moon, by stars, by our zero tolerance for crapola – into our truest selves. Huzzah! …. except this naturally means that the convenient truths we tell are being steadfastly dismantled.

Look about you. Those who try to perpetuate the folly are flailing. Those who spout shit are choking on it. And the poor souls who only know how to deceive themselves in order to neatly sidestep their shadows are on a swaying tightrope above the abyss. The more they point the bone, the quicker they may tumble to the rocky floor.

So where do you stand? If you are not sure, you soon will be.

A thief is only after your salary. A liar is after your reality.
~ Curtis Jackson

C. Kerrie Basha, 2017.