Neptune at the Station

Neptune at the station and all of this week’s sandpaper loving is enveloped in the haze. The blue planet, ruler of Pisces and dreamweaver extraordinaire, spends roughly half the year travelling backwards from our earthbound perspective and is shifting directions again today. Said to be the higher octave of our lady Venus, she is a glamour whose gauzy gaze can obscure and seduce or elevate us into ethereal realms of high magic.

Neptune rules our oceans and she is fluid in every sense. The queen of illusion, she only fools those who fool themselves weaving an easy net of deception and distortion. Her shadow is vast and if it catches you will drag you deep into delusional states of body and mind. Addiction, manipulation, escapism, hypochondria, deceit are her evil handmaidens. This weekend beware their siren call.

Her high magic is conversely spectacular, ruling the psychic realms with a delicate surrealism that defies natural laws to deliver the goods. Best accessed via anything that sends you naturally into a trance state: meditation and chanting, yoga and dance, art and music and of course dreaming. Whenever Neptune is on, so too our dreamscape morphs into a wildly informative / batshit insane hyperlink to our own deep space. Watch and note well your night and daydreams as her about face cracks open our insight.

Neptune’s half year retrograde is divinely designed to connect us to our own highest magic provided we do not open those dazzling doors set only to tempt, fool or distract. Channel her inspiration as you allow her outer planet enchantment to elevate your state. But whatever you do, don’t take the blue pill.

Art by Shea Detar
© Kerrie Basha 2017