Astrofuquery Alert: Sun Saturn Opposition

Tomorrow – wherever you are in the world – we have our annual wet blanket hurled over us when the Sun opposes Saturn. If you are feeling disillusioned, super judgey of yourself or others, disheartened, hopeless, depressed or like Ron, you are already caught in the beams. The joy and hope you may have felt when the game changed last week has evaporated. It is raining in your very soul.

The sun in our chart is our fire, the voluminous depth of who we truly are and currently fuelled by the fresh air of quicksilver Gemini. Saturn gets a terrible rap as our parental overlord, perpetually pointing at his watch and running his white glove through our darker corners. Their annual opposition can often feel like the brakes being slammed on, everything going wrong, doom and gloom.

Astrofuquery of the highest order.

This too shall pass. Annually it keeps on trucking too and by Friday we will all be mired in Neptunia anyway. Before it lets go of you, make sure that the slowdown is put to good use.

Saturn wants you to commit to changing whatever it is that currently clouds your sun and put in the very real work to shift it. He is thorough and not interested in the blame game so if it is absolutely  somebody else’s fault or circumstance, deal only with your reactionary stance.

Saturn always gets results but only if you match his work ethic, shore up your structures and boundaries and get organised. Lists. To Do’s. Plans. Vision Boards With Detours Clearly Marked. Until the end of this week, noting it down and ticking it off will help you move through the funk and emerge scrupulously together. The alternative is just bloody depressing and despite how it feels you can choose.

Or you can be Ron.

© Kerrie Basha, 2017