Full Moon Alert

Today’s Astrofuquery Alert brought to you by our impending lunation and the friends she has invited to her full moon party in Sagittarius.

Yes. You can blame today on the full moon. Sure. All that shit going wrong, those well laid plans sliding off your plate, the fuqing muggles driving you to a whole new level of crazy, your short temper with Everything Else too. You can continue to read about shooting for the moon even though your bow is currently aimed significantly lower. And still the ratchet is tightening the screws.

The stock in trade of the moon peaking in Saggilands is the Whole Truth. As a rule of thumb it makes everyone uncomfortable, mainly because it isn’t what’s out there that makes us seethe – despite all appearances to the contrary. It is just the cheese grater we are currently rubbing up against in the outside world. It is in fact Saturn and Pluto playing havoc with our inner space that is curling our lips as the full moon fires us all up.

In the face of party starting Saggi expansion, Saturn steps in as the dour parental overlord turning down the music and enquiring why we have not yet cleaned our room. He reminds us that we are effectively grounded until we do. Uncle Pluto has shoved shit in a bag and set fire to it, just outside the door we are looking to bolt through, to see if we are yet capable of leaping over the flames. Combined (quelle horreur!) these two show us precisely where and how we hold ourselves back, beneath the unblinking gaze of a peaking moon who similarly has no plans to let us hide in our shadows.

I am channelling the optimism our archer friends are renowned for and crafting a gorgeous ritual for the witching hour, tucked safely away from known offenders and stresslords. May I suggest….

With this fiery full moon a handful of hours away, consider this your heads up, lunatics. Aim higher.

© Kerrie Basha, 2017. This perfect image via @jodhimeares 🙌