Full Moon Incoming : Sagittarius

Full moon incoming which means her graceful weight is already on our shoulders, the early shining of her blazing gaze beginning to ripple the pond. Every full moon rises our tides, then imbued (or crashing against) the stars she peaks among.

Be mindful of this as everything about you rises too. Choose your focus, aligning rather than fighting the tide still incoming. Lady Luna in Saggilands takes no prisoners and tells no lies. Inhabit her good graces here, harnessing her significant power to cultivate freedom in your life. Somewhere or something that beams You is ready to be hoisted as the Archer draws back her bow. Choose.

Mantra: Fortes fortuna adiuvat*

Soundtrack: Hook, Line and Sinker by Royal Blood

*Latin: “fortune favours the strong” used in Terence’s comedy play Phormio, as cited by Cicero in the 1st century BCE as a vetus proverbium, “an old proverb”.

This perfect image by Eugenia Loli.


© Kerrie Basha, 2017