Luna Lore: Moon in Leo

It would be remiss of me not to note, laud and generally cheer the Leo moon. Not just because she’s my home state and thus balm for this little lioness. Nor simply because she imbues our lives with the strut and roar oft required to ascend the throne in our jungle and sit pretty upon it.

Not only because she’s been tossing her spectacular mane about for nearly a day and is gracing us with her regal presence for another day to come. Whilst the moon is waxing these are *the* days to treat yourself to a perfectly starred New Hair Reality.

With that tetchy testy hard to wrangle Saturn Mars power play finally ebbing, this blast of lunar firepower is fabulous for channelling personal sovereignty in a noble fashion, getting your hands firmly back on the wheel / sceptre and reclaiming what is rightly yours to have and to hold.

Channel your highest art, striding proudly back on to centre stage in your own life with the dignity and aplomb of those who don’t need a crown to rule their world. Sift possibility and promise into all you do. Remember all that your title confers and lead with good grace. And if required, don’t be afraid to roar.

Look at the lioness. Watch her closely. Let her awaken your untamed nature, your fierce beauty and your unbridled strength.
~ Lisa Bevere

Image of Leo supermodel Jourdan Dunn. All hail.

© Kerrie Basha, 2017