Astro: Mars Saturn Opposition

This fantastically perplexing creature is the lesser known Pushmi Pullyu, a gazelle-unicorn cross originating deep in the unexplored wilds of mythical Afrika, boasting two heads at each end of its body (one of each) that allowed it to eat and talk at the same time without seeming ill mannered.

This rare photograph of a creature inhabiting its peculiar legend is from the 1967 film version of Dr Dolittle, whereby it was transformed through the magic of film (and gross artistic license) to a double ended llama. Regardless, this wonderful creature’s great grandfather was the last unicorn and its remarkable form was built on both magic AND on the coordination and cooperation of opposites, requiring one part of the creature to be moving backwards in order for it to get anywhere.

This past weekend’s Mars Saturn bingle, peaking this evening Wollombi time, requires similarly magical dexterity to navigate. Uncle Mars is our planetary agitator, he who can keep our motor running or push the whole vehicle to seize, splutter or explode. Saturn is grandfather time, whose slow steadiness is grounded in discipline, good clear boundaries and a cracking work ethic.

Mars is charging forwards all guns blazing, making us impatient with our becoming and looking for a shortcut or leapfrog. Saturn is methodically travelling the path of his long retrograde, ensuring and enshrining our toughest lessons knowing they will form the cornerstones of our evolution. They sit in opposition all about us, poking the bear within.

And so we must learn how to let one impetus speak while we still feed its opposite. We have to practice taking turns and fledgling steps that seem to be leading us the wrong way or the long way round. We have to try not to just run blindly tearing ourselves apart in the process. Above all else we need to cajole and cultivate all the wild forces at opposition within us to work together so that we may finally each be seen as the magical mythical creatures we are.

And as with all our great lessons, practice makes perfect. Look for the opportunity to cultivate the union of opposites, within and without. Pick a side at your own risk. Play long.

© Kerrie Basha, 2017
Image: a still from the 1967 film starring Rex Harrison as Dr Dolittle