Flip The Switch: New Moon in Gemini

Dark moon peaking and it feels already that the perfect antidote is the airy new moon in Gemini. This is quicksilver energy that invites, courts and cultivates change into our lives, encouraging us to get thinking and exercising those creative muscles that may have atrophied as we waded through the muck and mire of retrogrades and eclipses. Gemini is a mutable sign, craving change and motion and movement creating a fertile field of dreams for groundbreaking ideas, adventure and conversation.

The mythology of Gemini – the twins – is one of the few that actually lines up with both the astronomy and astrology. Joseph Campbell in his six part tome The Power of Myth which draws a very clear line between the stories we tell and the lives we lead wrote, “myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths”. The story of the birth of the Gemini twins – one conceived on the earthly plane and one conceived the same night when a God disguised himself as a swan – meant that two boys were born, one mortal and one immortal. This myth speaks to our dual nature, our eternal souls born to live a very human, finite life. Our fascination with twins, the same same but different juxtaposition also reflects this duality within our magical selves and the mundane world we inhabit.

Pamela Love and Mara Hoffman illustrating the dual nature of Gemini

Gemini can get a bad rap for their changeable nature and ability to flip from one reality to another so quickly. Some view this superpower negatively and allude to a two sided nature but this is simply not the case. It is merely the Mercurial jump to the left and then back again fast as lightning that wrongfoots people who struggle to keep up. Gemini craves fresh and new with a mutable energy signature that requires constant stimulation, interest, fascination. Gemini is the multi-tasker of the zodiac and can have literally all their fingers (and probably some of their toes too) in many pies at once, operating to maximum efficacy simultaneously.

This airy lunation is supercharged thanks to the moon’s proximity to earth and demands we muse on the change we would like to invite into our lives while gifting us the rocket fuel to make it so. At the same time, we need to make peace between our shadows all too sorely revealed over the past two weeks or more and our shining light, the highest potential that we have nestled inside us all. Ruled by Mercury and with Pluto’s chaotic influence in the mix, we will also find ourselves with an unprecedented degree of clarity around what we want and how we want to make it happen. Now is the time for those groundbreaking ideas, longed for adventures and inspiring conversations to take place, to further cement our will and wishes for the shape of our existence.

The heady time of Gemini as a whole is bright and breezy, fostering communication and conversation. Our focus is on the throat chakra, so use this month to speak your truth with gentle courage and firm conviction. Have the discussions that need to be had, knowing that the energy of the stars supports you. Let the lightning strike and scribble furiously into journals, on the back of coasters, lest a brilliant idea be lost. Enjoy the creative hurricane and let the wind blow you where it will. This is the time to court the muse. Gemini embraces change and doesn’t baulk at strapping themselves in for a wild ride, without having to know how or when it will end simply because they enjoy the process. You can too, Bohemians. Flip the switch.