Dark Moon Bubbling

Before any big thing, ever since I was little, I would get this bubbling churning stomach. For years I could not tell if it was excitement or fear, as dinosaur sized butterflies pounded my flesh from the inside. It was always always a prelude to great clamouring change, the kind that trails no remnants of what went before and leaves your shape and form utterly altered from what once was. Most terrifying, most wonderful, most potent and before it hits, already living a half life inside you.

This deep dark moon is calling to mind the same, as we tread the path to a changeling new moon later this week. One whose superpower, fully harnessed, has the force and energy and good grace required to change the game and utterly transform wherever we direct its blazing gaze.

Intuitively we know when a reset is on the rise. And we squirm. We grasp and clutch in desperation. We rail against necessary change, even if we chose it, and we fight the imperative itself. Other times we surrender to forces mightier than ourselves and bow low to their hidden magic.

The dark moon is such a phenomenon: a cauldron space, the place in between what you are letting go and what you are calling in. Your power lies in the centre of these crossroads. Your regeneration is found by resting deeply here instead of struggling. Your answers only come if you are stilled, quiet and really listening as the four directions whisper to you of what must be relinquished in order to gain what is already yours, bubbling quietly away inside you.
Softly. Slowly. Gently.

This portrait of Hecate, mistress of the crossroads and queen of witches, to shepherd you through these dark moon days. She guides us through transformation and the uncertainty it always holds in a world without guarantees. She weaves wisdom and courage into our passage between worlds, that which we are leaving and that which we are creating simultaneously. Herein lies her magic – and yours too. Do your dark moon well.

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© Kerrie Basha, 2017
Image from The Five Faces of Hecate series by Luis Royo, a personal favourite that I have owned since I first stepped boldly on to the crooked path and well worth hailing.