Ride The Lightning

This past weekend was certainly when the lightning was likely to strike, illuminating our worlds and lighting up all manner of possibility if we stayed willing (and most importantly able) to innovate.

For nearly three days Uranus has been zapping us with bolt after blast of his stock-in-trade imperative: change. Our individual relationship to change is ever guided by whether we feel across (and in charge) of the resulting shifts, or blindsided and taken down by them. This choice of perspective – because no matter what, your reaction is always in your hands – will have determined how your weekend played out.

These discombobulating bolts are grounded by our planetary parent Saturn, who in helpful aspect stepped up to offer us his commitment, discipline and work ethic. I have written at length about why it is that Saturn gets such a bad rap (cue eye rolling as we recall the darkest days of our Saturn return). The bottom line with Saturn is crystal clear: you have to do the work. No fudging, finger pointing or fuqing about! If we spied so much as a glimmer of possibility, choosing to try another way earned us Saturn’s good graces and an extra blast of left field Uranian wonder. This is an aspect that has been at play since the end of last year that completes in November. We have plenty of time yet to get our brave new worlds – whether they be an idea, a bolt or a happening thing already – grounded and solidly structured in the real world.

Beyond the dance of these two cosmic shifters, the sun ascended Sunday morning AEST from earthy Taurus into the Gemini air up there, lifting our lethargy or stubborn resistance. Built for quick shifts of gear, things start rapidly evolving and are mutable as fuq. Gem energy is quicksilver and engaging, craving change and motion and movement. With Venus and Mercury too clearing their retrograde shadows, whatever was bogged may well unblock quickly now and come hurtling at you before you can even proclaim that you’re finally ready.

The fresh promise of the impending giantess of a new moon in Gemini is thus beginning to stir. This sparkling new supermoon is a potent, verdant field of dreams encouraging us toward our integrated truth, tapping into fertile minds that may have been well scrambled over the last little while.

New Moon in Gemini
Sydney 05.44am Friday
Los Angeles 12.44pm Thursday
New York 3.44pm Thursday
London 8.44pm Thursday
Hong Kong 3.44am Friday

The new moon is the best time every month in a row to set the intentions, ideally aligned with the energies at play. In Gemini, we begin to intellectualise that which was a fire in our belly during Aries and grounded in the real world during Taurus. Our focus here is on a new beginning with the realm of communication and thinking is particularly lit up. And of course her super status indicates a perigree moon. Although we cannot see the moon when she is brand spanking, she is as close as she gets to us and hence exerts a greater force upon us.

Whilst we’re still lingering in the dark phase, take time out to let go of any habits or behaviours that may have served you well as coping mechanisms in troubled times but which will hamper your ascent from now. One of my favourite rituals to do just that is here. There is nothing so powerful as a dark moon done well, effectively making space for what we wish to magnetise and draw into our lives.

We have the rest of this week to drop the heavy shit that dulls our sparkle and pulls you back to what-once-was. Now you have the tools and the time to do just that. Trust that your whatever calls to you from this space is ready to materialise in your world. Get ready from now to ride the lightning.

© Kerrie Basha, 2017