Dark Moon : The Relinquishing

Without a shadow of a doubt, the supercharged intentions we set on a new moon are a direct function of how well we do the dark face of the bright lady. And here we find ourselves, at the very end of a gamechanging year – for better and for worse – and deep in the final balsamic moon phase.

Dark moons are built on rest and rejuvenation. They are a time of pause and musing, to scry deeply into our own dark matter. Wonderful for every form of decluttering – physically in our outer world and psychically in our inner space – dark moons are built mostly on letting go.

That old chesnut.

If nothing else this year has taught us a lot. A whole lot in the most brutal and beautiful of ways. We’ve been given plenty of practice dealing with big and little death and the loss, grief, shock that accompanies its black tidings. We have watched the landscape shake and shift dramatically as seismic political and national shifts shook our foundations. And weaved throughout, still, always, a delicate gentle beauty, honed through the difficult days.

This dark before the new moon is the best starred time to sift through your year, lifting your learning and wisdom from its recession. And then let go. To make sense of anything – or anyone – who this year dropped through a hole in the floor. And then let go. To bow deeply to this life changing year. And then let go.

And then let go.

And then let go.

“No motive is pure. No one is good or bad but a hearty mix of both. And sometimes life actually gives to you by taking away.”

~ Carrie Fisher, great goddess of the spoken word. I’ll miss your wit and wisdom peppering sense into this mad world. Bow down.

And then let go.