Candles Ready

I woke again this morning to a world still reeling from its hideous madness. The last weeks have seen so many of the pillars we hold dear – those that we cling to in times of trouble like justice, equality, truth, compassion and common bloody sense – beginning to shake as the foundations beneath them rumble and twist.

The Western world, with its self congratulating colonialism and rampant capitalism, is proving to itself how a relentless trajectory that lacks any heart or humanity is unsustainable on every level. It is crumbling, coming undone just in the nick of time. Strapped into this train headed straight to Demise are its dinosaurs, fat on the spoils with gaping holes where their souls once resided, still spewing their hateful rhetoric and pointing the bone.

It is this unravelling that we are seeing reflected in our small worlds too. Australian media today is finally turning on our dodos with dicks and their “just a joke” mentality as a pathetic excuse for violence against women. Our recent election may be considered a sorted shitfight but still there is no good governance on the way.

And yet on such a bleak horizon the hope I hold and the only clear evidence of a better approach is coming from the one group that has been marginalised the longest and most consistently: women. Instead of taking up arms we stand strong and peaceful. In the face of terror we offer compassion. Our numbers in positions of power are rising to bring much needed balance. Our voice is being heard and beyond that repeated by a current generation who were raised by womens’ libbers and bra burners, hippies and flower children alike. A generation itself that not only has a clear and resonating voice but is beginning to come to power. The many who understand that feminism isn’t a dirty word but a righteous call for equality. Those of us who don’t want one above another but understand our complementary strengths.

It is women who are shoring up the pillars and lighting the way forward. Here comes the dark before the dawn, goddesses. Candles ready.

Courageous, untroubled – that is what Wisdom wants us to be. Wisdom is a woman and loves only only a warrior.
~ Nietzsche