The Wisdom of Dog

Every morning before I even realise I am awake, my gorgeous dog Stella creeps up on to my bed. Long ago I gave up trying to keep her off because I delight in our morning ritual. She is a rescued Kelpie cross everything with an oversized head (and heart) and a winning smile. She guards my house alerting me to all who pass but greeting them like a grinning pogo stick. She will happily sit at my feet for hours no matter whether I am at my desk, in the kitchen or garden. She loves to take a walk whether it is just down the driveway to put out the garbage or as far as my legs will carry me (and back).

She has an adventurous spirit that as gotten her into trouble more than once. We have nearly lost her a few times now, to other people’s poison and unfriendly neighbours with guns and marauding spiders but she has always made it home and back into my arms it seems to me through sheer force of will. And love, so much love. She’s a snuggler and a talker and yes, there is nothing more satisfying than shouting her name across a paddock.

Today as part of the Bohomofo Wisdom Series, here’s a round up of the best lessons my Stella has taught me.

1. Start your day with a cuddle and you’ll always get up on the right side.
2. Eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty and rest when you’re tired.
3. Unconditional love is a gift, best you unwrap it.
4. Loyalty is its own reward.
5. Be pleased to see everyone who crosses your path, even the grumpy cats in your life.
6. Take time out to wander as often as you can.
7. Home is where the heart is, always start and finish there.
8. Obey your instincts and follow your nose.
9. Do what makes your tail wag.

This is the wisdom of Dog.