The Wisdom of Taylor Swift

The Wisdom Series is back with a bang for 2015. Designed to acknowledge the brilliant lessons to be learned from the everyday and the stuff that passes in front of our eyes oft unnoticed, the Wisdom Series is all about extracting meaning from the apparently mundane and applying it to our own lives.

Today we celebrate the wisdom of Taylor Swift, with tongue firmly in cheek. She who was unceremoniously dumped from an Australian radio poll that bills itself as the world’s biggest musical democracy allegedly due to a KFC twitter post. Um, what? There are hipsters all over Australia nodding sagely at her exclusion and pop tarts simultaneously weeping. What can we learn from this exercise in crass commercialism gone awry?

1. Let your prodigious talent speak for itself – whatever that may be – and simply focus on doing your thing, your own brilliant way.

2. Practice random acts of generosity to surprise and delight those who support you. Make it personal.

3. Sometimes – even if you don’t want to – you just have to let the Kanye’s of the world finish.

4. The right red lipstick fixes everything.

5. Accept your mistakes with grace and move on without a backward glance.

6.  Learn how to shake it off. Shake it off. Shake. Shake.