Ritual for an Eclipse

This morning I woke early and took my time pulling myself into the day, lingering between worlds as I made every effort to recall the details of a night of fervent dreaming. I had woken several times through the night in pain, in the space between as thorns were pulled from my body, my arms. Many who have featured in my life this season of eclipse were walking through my nocturnal journeys, some pausing to speak and some to shout. It was cathartic and exhausting and the most perfect preparation. For ritual, we must always get ready.

Day time found me pulling together so many different elements for my ritual and heading out pre-eclipse to the tree stump altar in front of my home. There is so much magic in the collection and collation of these individual ingredients, chosen specifically for their meaning to me and the energy they bring to my ritual. They are symbolic and not one is chosen lightly. They all underline the intention and desire behind the ritual itself and each represents one or more of the four elements.

© Kerrie Basha, 2014

The botanicals were all gifted from my garden. A magnificent rose I grew myself that blossomed this dark moon. A cutting from my mugwort triffid, most magical of plants. Clusters of creamy scented briar roses for love and collaboration. My precious Brunfelsia, whose flowers change colour for the three days they bloom. A lemon cut in half for a fresh start and to remove the bitter sting of the blood moon eclipse.

The crystals are favourites I work with every day in my readings; selenite, locally dug clear quartz. Two giant chunks of amethyst, one black and one purple representing the light and dark we have within us, a nod to our blessed shadow. Rainwater in a cut crystal goblet, surrounded by shells.

© Kerrie Basha, 2014

To acknowledge my ancestors and invite their participation, my lyrebird feather and my grandmothers’ Swarovski crystals. Candles my homage to fire. My Mary of Guadalupe candle, engendering trust and hope and that beautiful Goddess energy. Handcrafted and enchanted incenses for abundance, for ritual and for a clear space in which to work. A Monarch butterfly nestling in Buddha’s lap as the incense wafted over the ritual and around me. A wholly intact King Brown snakeskin found during the final transformation of a very dear friend woven throughout, symbol of transformation and transmutation.

© Kerrie Basha, 2014

Once the eclipse began, so too I began to build this altar with precise intention, watching every thought closely. I was joined by my cat Elvira, mistress of magic and by the horses that live in the paddock outside my home. The swallows that nest under the eaves were swooping overhead and tiny white butterflies went fluttering by. Together we expressed our gratitude. Together we honoured the elements. Together we set intention for the days, weeks, months to come.

The sky was bright in front of my home, dark and stormy to the south and blue to the north. As the eclipse and the ritual unfolded, the clouds began to swirl and move above me. Once the ritual was complete the heavens opened and sweet rain washed me clean of all that I have borne this season of the eclipse. Elvira shot off my lap and under the wooden chair but stuck it out like she knew she had to, yowling the curse of a witch’s cat most of the way. I sat in the rain with my magic headdress on and my bare feet on the soft grass and took in deep lungfuls of that sweet smelling air. I marvelled at the candles which did not extinguish and the beauty of the altar and the days to come in front of me.

© Kerrie Basha, 2014

There are just so many spells and incantations out there. Some dark and some light according to the intention with which they were created. There are endless tomes written where you can find a perfect set of words and instructions and they rightly hold the most sacred of places in the pantheon that is spellcraft. I believe the most important part of ritual and magic is that you do it. Align yourself with the energies of the cosmos, give thanks for the part they play in your life and then use what you have around you to create the ritual. Know your framework and spend time learning about the holy traditions of magic. Be fervent in your words and let them come from your heart. Remember always that ritual is for you and you alone and you have no right to influence anyone else. Take photos and make notes and keep them in a dedicated place so you can follow what you have asked for and tick it off as it steps sweetly into your life. That’s where the magic is, Bohemians.

Bright blessings to you this new moon xxx

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