The Dark Moon Drill

It used to be that I was only a huge fan of the full moon and spent the dark moon mooching around, tapping my fingers, being unproductive and feeling like crap. Amateur. Once you really tune into the moon and align yourself with her cycles, this part of the month is filled with as many opportunities for change as the new or full moon.

Once la luna begins waning, cosmic forces take a deep breath in. This phase of the monthly moon cycle takes us back through from full incandescence to waning crescent to the balsamic phase, which is the most perfect term for the three days prior to the peak of the dark moon, where you literally cannot see your hand in front of your face. Our body’s energy system walks the same path.

Right now, we are at the peak of the dark moon. And so it is that I am at the pointy end of a rather ruthless decluttering. It Was Time. Actually it was beyond that, as I have decided to do this many times before now. So. Many. Times.  Still, there is nothing like a serious dark moon to bring it on.

In a few days time, wherever you are in the world, the moon will be new but for now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves & instead follow the Dark Moon Drill:

Declutter your house, your desk, your workplace, that drawer you chock full of stuff and then always avoid once you’ve jammed it shut again. This is ridiculously good for your soul and is its own reward. Just start, even if it’s only a little bit. Handy tip for first timers: I generally need to lie to myself about how involved this will be. Once I get started I can’t stop.

Let go of whatever has been niggling you, bothering you, weighing you down or outright enraging you for the past month or more. Does it make any difference if you incessantly rehash it in your head? Never. Dump it somewhere, for your own good and not on someone, for their own good. My favourite ritual is here and it only requires fallen leaves, which already know how to let go. Let them guide you.

Rest as much as you need to. I always want more sleep during the dark moon. These days, I actually make a plan so I get it.

Rejuvenate by nurturing thyself in whatever way you can. This is a great time for a long soak in a hot bath sprinkled liberally with salt to draw out impurities on all levels, a piece of smoky quartz to aid the process and some pretty petals, just for you.

More than anything else, pay attention to what comes up as thoughts or in dreams, as the dark moon dredges our soul of that which does not serve our highest good. This is generally the reason behind why we can feel slightly less than fabulous, particularly if we are working through a truckload of denial in some area of our lives.

The shadows are important. Watch closely.


C. Kerrie Basha, 2013

Image credit: Awesome self portrait by Noelle Oszvald